Creating a perfect fitness routine

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Mindless exercise will not help you achieve your goal, no matter what they are. If you want to exercise to keep your body healthy, then you need to have a good fitness plan. This program should consist of all types of activities including aerobic, strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation exercises
– Strength exercises should always start with a 10-minute warm-up and stretching. The form is important as it makes sure that no injury happens. 3-woman-abs-training-578x280When you start exercises, you should start with the easiest settings, the least weight, from the beginning, and you should slowly increase the level of the strength training. Be sure to breathe correctly and it will allow you to bring your muscles to the edge, which is a point of this type of practice. Once your muscles reach their limit, push them a bit more because, at that very moment, you are making the progress.
– Flexibility exercises are beneficent for both young and old. They help the muscles to work and perform better. Fitness-Models-for-Digital-TV-Network-300x217This type of workout stretches certain muscles and after some time, you will feel the increased range of movement of those muscles.
If you are going to perform flexibility exercises, be sure to do them slowly. This type of practice is done slowly because doing it faster may and will cause injuries.
– The aerobic workout is perfect for smokers and people who aren’t walking a lot (office workers and so on). The point of the aerobic exercise is to increase your endurance and thus they are also called cardio workouts. You can perform this type of exercise in your home, on a treadmill or similar machine, but if you can run in the morning, or if you can go somewhere in nature then you should choose those things. TrcanjeRunning in the open is better because the air is fresh and in general you will enjoy it more as there aren’t any devices that will impact your workout.
– Relaxation techniques are primarily done to relax the mind and the body after other types of exercise. Now and then the body needs a breather, and some excellent relaxation techniques will relax you and prepare you for another day and new possibilities.
– Balance workout is done simply to postpone loss of balance that slowly creeps up on us as we age. Lack of balance leads to unexplained falls, and they can seriously harm you. Balance workout isn’t something complicated or hard to do. Once you get used to it, you will do it wherever you go and whatever you do.

There are two ways to practice your balance. First of them is heel to toe walk where you walk in a manner in which your heel of the stepping leg touches your toes of the anchor leg. Another form of this practice is single-leg stance where you stand on one leg for half a minute and then change legs. It may be hard at the beginning, but it gets easier after a while.

For more fitness tips and workout routines check out my blog on Beachbody On Demand.

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How to cure Anorexia Nervosa

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It isn’t easy to deal with this sickness, as many people would agree. It isn’t all about weight and food, and there are deeper problems that cause it. This illness starts in the mind where feelings of depression, insecurity and other similar negative thoughts and feelings work together to create Anorexia.

anorexia-1-320x240That is why the first step in your recovery from this condition is to find what it replaces in your life. We all have needs, and this illness covers for some of those needments. Refusing to eat might get you a confidence boost, but it is a short-lived boost, and it will achieve nothing. Same goes with eating if you think that simple eating will cure Anorexia Nervosa, and then you don’t understand your condition. The point is to understand the feelings that lead to this situation and to work on them.
Once you identify the issues that cause your Anorexia, then you have to learn to live with them. Getting rid of those feelings isn’t easy, and sometimes it is impossible, but understanding them and learning how to tolerate them is another thing. It won’t be easy to reconnect with those feelings because they are profound and uncomfortable, but you have to do that. Eating is a distraction from those feelings, entertainment your mind choose over facing those feelings.
The first thing you will feel once you try to reconnect to those emotions you have hidden for so long is discomfort and negativity, and your mind will urge you to go back to your negative lifestyle. You have to overcome those things if you want to move forward.
Sooner you do this sooner will you be able to dig into the essence of those emotions. At this point, you have to realize that your emotions are not everything, but only a part of you. They come, and they go, and they shouldn’t be buried just because they are unpleasant.

The mind of a person, who has Anorexia, will try to create false requirements aka mindsets. You will never meet an Anorexic person who does everything half-heartedly, they are all perfectionists. The anorexic individual thinks that if they don’t give their best, they are failures. An anorexic person doesn’t realize that there are shades of gray in the life and that it isn’t all black and white.
_4381Being fueled by negative self-opinion is terrible, and you have to change that. Don’t think about what you must not do, think about what you should or shouldn’t do. Thinking about the worst things is the wrong way to perceive your life. The World isn’t run of worst case scenarios so don’t think that everyone will hate you if you aren’t perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist in that case, so don’t try to reach it.
Once you have your feelings in check you should listen to your body and find out what it needs. The mind might still tell you that you should cut on the food, but your body will scream the opposite so listen to it. Start eating healthy things and bring you weight to optimal levels.

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Anorexia-What can be done about it?

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Wanting to look better and have a perfect weight/height ratio is nothing to be ashamed for, we all want that. But in some rare cases, the preoccupation with this takes over the life, and that turns into the eating disorder. Anorexia Nervosa is a severe condition that makes you want to lose weight more than anything, and no matter how much weight you lose you still think that you are fat.
download-3-260x182Three features characterize this illness: fear of being fat, distorted image of the body and final refusal to maintain normal and healthy body weight. Life of a person with this disorder revolves around being disgusted with their weight, constant fear of gaining weight, and pursue of new ways to lose more weight. In a life like that, there is no place for anything else but the never-ending quest to look perfect. A person with Anorexia Nervosa will always think of themselves as a bit on the fat side.
There are two types of this condition. One of them is so-called restrictive type that involves drastic diets, excess exercise, and fasting. Another type of Anorexia Nervosa is the purging type in which the loss of weight is made through, vomiting and laxatives.
tumblr-mbhvracpou1ryszr8o1-500-1It is important to recognize this condition and to go to the professional as this illness can leave people very ill and the verge of death. There are also the cases where people have died due to malnutrition and other conditions brought by Anorexia Nervosa.

Anorexia is a very complex condition, and no one was able to pinpoint the causes that lead to it. Many believe that a complex combination of different factors causes it, but the exact combination is unknown. There is only one sure thing, and that is the influence of the cultural idealization of the overly thin body on the people.

But this glorification of the unhealthy body can’t cause Anorexia by itself, other more personal and deeper problems must exist. Low self-esteem, difficulties on an emotional level and traumas are all things that may cause the Anorexia Nervosa. None of those are the sole cause of this illness, but the combination of several of them along with pictures of overly thin role models on the TV can and will cause this condition.
girl sitting at table with bread and glass of waterIt is hard for people with anorexia to seek help because they do not perceive it as a negative thing; they consider it as part of who they are. The best way is to acknowledge the Anorexia Nervosa as a problem. That is the first step. Next step is to find someone and talk to them about the problem you have.
There are probably people, on TV or in real life that trigger your urges to be thin, so be sure to avoid them. They can only make you return to the state you were before.
You can try to help yourself, but the best option is to find professional help. A professional will be able to lead you toward healthy living, and they will also be able to recognize signs of some more severe issues that might have been caused by Anorexia Nervosa.

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Diet smartly and stay healthy

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Go online; search for weight loss diet and the first page will be littered with many dieting professionals whose diets will brings you close to death before they bring you toward your desired weight. There are some brutal diets, like a so-called water diet in which they advise you to drink water instead of food. Other diets say that only way to lose weight quickly is to stop eating the fats. No-fats diet will make you sick because our body needs fats to work properly.
food-combine-food-1Not every diet is a bad diet; there are indeed many foods that are good, both for your health and your body weight. To lose the weight and keep your boy healthy, you have to find real diets. Losing weight isn’t a linear process. Cutting down calories in an extreme fashion can hurt your body because you’re wasting more than just fat, you lose water and lean tissue, and this will slow down your metabolism.
Not every calorie is same, and as soon as you understand that sooner you will be able to lose some weight by eating healthier. For example, there are foods, processed foods that have the same amount of calories as bigger chunks of veggies, but those foods won’t satiate your hunger. Candies, hamburgers, and other fast foods are filled with calories, and you can eat a ton of them because they don’t make you full. On the other hand, you got veggies, and they have fewer calories than that junk food, and they will fill you up quite quickly.
EatingWhileVacationHotelThere is another big issue with our way of eating, and that is eating when we aren’t hungry. If something bad happens to us, we tend to use food as comfort, and this is same with stress. Whenever we are stressed, and we don’t know what to do, we eat and eat. The first step in weight loss is to stop eating when we don’t feel hunger.
Instead of practicing meals with a few calories, you should concentrate on eating food with small amount of carbohydrates. van_hoa_am_thuc_my_1Carbohydrates are turned into the glucose, and body burns glucose before it burns fat. The process is done to regulate levels of blood sugar in the body.
If you eat meals that are packed with carbohydrate, then your body can’t process the glucose alone, and it releases insulin to keep up with the levels of glucose in the body. Insulin those three things, it regulates the sugar in the blood, it prevents burning of the fat released by fat cells as the glucose burning is a primary concern and it is responsible for the creation of fat cells that are used for fat storage.

Eating carbohydrate packed food results in the weight gain and higher hunger, as your body needs more fuel it doesn’t acquire from carbohydrate-rich foods. Insulin only burns carbohydrates, and due to that you crave packed carbohydrate meals, and this causes you to gain more and more weight. It might come hard for you, but the only way to lose weight, in this case, is to reduce the amount of this type of food you eat.

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The best way to improve your memory

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Memory is a fascinating thing. It can degrade over time, and it can improve, if you work on it. Memory will deteriorate with age, but it will only improve if you take some time and do brain exercises. Those brain activities exist to stimulate your mind and keep it developing in new ways.
jpmorgan-thinks-everyone-should-read-these-10-books-this-summerOnce the brain learns to do something, that becomes easy, and the brain doesn’t have to work to achieve that same thing, and it is less active if you perform, or read or do anything else concerning that subject. This is why it is important to keep finding new things to keep your brain active.
Finding new ways to stimulate your brain might be hard, but it is also interesting. No matter how important the activity is, as long as it is something new, you brain will have to work for it. You have to leave your comfort zone if you want to give your brain some workout.
The activity you must use to keep your mind active must be challenging. It must require some mental effort if you want it to work. The Good idea is to do something that can evolve. An activity that is only an essential component of something bigger is perfect for brain workout as you can progress within that skill-tree. And this type of mind exercise keeps you satisfied for the extended period.
giac-ngu-2 (1)A lot of physical activities have the right impact on mental health and memory as well. Any physical activity that requires thinking, motor skills, and hand and eye coordination has a positive impact on your mental state.
Sleep is important for many things including memory and brain in general. If you are able, you should create a regular schedule in which you will get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Don’t watch TV for an hour before you lie down and don’t consume caffeine for at least 3 hours before you lay down in your bed.
102510_friendsMany people fail to realize how much of a positive influence on the state of mind friends have. It’s not just friends, but family and other relationships as well. As long you have a healthy relationship with someone your brain will always be active, finding new ways to make that relationship more interesting. Other people will find a wide array of subjects to share with you and your brain will have to work hard to keep up with all that, and that is what you want and what you need.
Stress is a bad thing, and it keeps you down, and all you think about are the problems that you aren’t going to face. You should either face them or eradicate the cause of that stress because it keeps you back from doing things you want.
Laughing is an answer to everything. It relaxes you, both physically and mentally, and after a good laugh, you can tackle the things that stood in your way with more determination and from the better angle.

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Battling the emotional eating

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Emotional eating is eating even though there is no hunger. You probably did this more than once, but you had no problems after that. But some people do have problems with emotional eating.
Emotional eating is called this way because the mind uses food to cover some feelings that are too painful to face. Whenever you open a fridge and go for something to eat, just because an emotion got better of you, you are in fact dealing with emotions by burying them under food. After some time, your mind goes for more food whenever you have some issues that are hard to take on.
84634-deksametazon-kak-pohudetHunger for emotions can’t be covered with other things forever. Eating makes it easy to bury them, but that is only a short-term solution. There are healthier ways to deal with feelings, and you should try them instead of eating. You will be healthier and happier because those methods address your feelings instead of the avoidance.
Mindful eating (the right way to is) is the best way to eat, as you eat only if you are hungry. There are some distinct differences between mindful and emotional eating:
– Normal hunger comes whenever you body needs nutrition, and it comes gradually while emotional hunger strikes out of nothing and your body doesn’t need anything. Fatty foods and sweet things are the major giveaways of emotional eating, and if you crave those things, then you have a problem.
cover_1457954984_502x234– Emotional hunger isn’t like normal hunger as it craves the only particular type of food. You won’t want for vegetables, or other healthy things, the craving will be all about comfort food.
– Mindful eating is not something you will be doing if your feelings take over. Mindless eating is a gateway to overeating, and that is never a good thing.
Avoiding triggers is a good way to stop eating fueled by feelings. Not every person has same triggers, but in general, they belong to one of the five categories:
diet-choices-300x2451. Stress is a leading cause of many different medical conditions so it isn’t strange that it can play the big part in this type of disorder. Pressure builds up due to the chaotic way of living, eating is a thing our minds use to deal with it.
2. Social influence from friends and family may cause overeating. When friends call you out for a dinner, they expect you to eat as much as them. Disappointing them is, sadly, not an option even though it should be.
3. Boredom and emptiness are two feelings that mind tries to cover with food. Instead of eating try to find other things that will fill that time.
4. Stuffing down the negative feelings is a bad way to deal with them. You have to get in touch with those feelings and deal with them before the food becomes the only way out.

5. Habits from childhood created by your parents can also be a trigger for emotional eating. Eating food, as a reward, for an accomplishment is good, but only if it is done once in a while.

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